Tuesday, January 6, 2009

user interfaces and criticism

Be warned, this is not serious stuff !!

I happen to do user interface development most of the time. It so happens that I am never able to do something which satisfies everybody. At best I am able to do an OK job. I did get to learn some interesting things over the years.
No matter how much effort one puts in user interface development, its never enough.
Its much much easier to find out issues in user interfaces than to implement solutions which take care of them properly. So just relax.
Its much more comfortable to be in the role of a critic than in the role of implementer. So try hard to get into such a role.
If you don't like the criticism you get, just sit back and relax. Don't reply back. Just ignore it and chill.
You will not like the user interface you have done if you look back at it after a few weeks or few months time. Don't try to improve it!! Its a never ending vicious circle.